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How are napkins produced?


Beautifully packaged or neatly folded napkins are often seen on the dining table. I wonder if you have noticed that those napkins are actually different sizes and the patterns are not necessarily the same. So what determines the pattern and the size of the paper? How are napkins made?

The machine for making napkins is a paper slitting machine. The paper slitting machine is mainly used to cut the toilet paper from single-layer rewinding into single-layer, two-layer or three-layer specification paper for folding paper napkins, boxed The napkin folding machine can produce square napkins, wallet paper, N-shaped and M-shaped napkins (the width can be adjusted arbitrarily).

Let's first look at the raw materials used in napkin processing, which is the so-called coil paper. Because of the particularity of paper, it must be wrapped with plastic paper to prevent moisture when it is not in production.

The next step is to make the coiled paper embossed. After passing through the embossing roller, the same pattern as the embossing roller will appear on the original plain paper.

paper napkin

To sum up, the process of working napkins is: coil paper--embossed by embossing roller--paper is cut into two parts from the middle and folded by the folding plate--entered into the half-folding rollers respectively--after band sawing, the paper is cut. Become a napkin of a specific size.

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