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The difference between the three types of facial tissues, napkins, and hand towels


Because of the different end uses, these three hand papers are quite different in terms of quality indicators, raw materials, production and processing techniques. It can also be said that they are the same paper and have different essences.

Facial tissue, as the name suggests, is used to wipe the face. The main use is for ladies to make up, remove makeup, and to wipe hands and sweat in daily life. Sometimes in the family, it is used to replace napkins on the dining table. Because it is mainly in contact with the skin, because the paper requires softness, a smooth surface, does not scratch and irritates the skin, and has low requirements for absorbability. But it can't shed hair or break. In production, only virgin pulp can be used, not recycled pulp. For good smoothness and softness, the production raw materials are mainly short fibers. Properly beaten to increase strength. Usually calendering is performed to improve the smoothness of the paper surface.


Napkins are mainly used to replace cloth napkins on the dining table. The main applications are in restaurants, hotels and fast food restaurants. Some are white, and some are printed or dyed. The quality requires a certain amount of dry and wet strength, surface smoothness and surface strength. High requirements for softness. A special requirement is that it needs a certain degree of stiffness, so that it can be stacked and maintained. Hotels and restaurants basically use virgin pure wood pulp to produce wood pulp, while fast food restaurants mostly use natural and recycled pulp to reduce costs.

Toilet paper is a kind of commercial paper. It is rarely used in general households. Mainly in the toilets in public places, guests are provided with quick hand-wiping. Requires high water absorption and water absorption speed. In this way, guests can use the least amount of paper to dry their hands in the fastest speed. To reduce the cost and increase passenger flow. In addition to water absorption, the paper should also have a certain initial wet strength, so that the paper can be smoothly drawn out of the carton with wet hands and without tearing or shredding. Different grades of occasions have different requirements. High-end hotels usually use pure virgin wood pulp to produce, so that it has good water absorption and soft paper, giving guests a good experience. In general public places, low-end high-end products can be used in the office to reduce costs. This kind of paper is best used only for wiping hands or tables, but not for wiping utensils and contact with food.