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A few tips about toilet paper


Here are a few tips about toilet paper, you can find out!

1. How to distinguish the quality of toilet paper?

Toilet paper is generally used in the bathroom, and it is required that the paper has a certain degree of resistance to breakage, and is easy to decompose when exposed to water, and will not cause the septic tank to block.

2. Why does some toilet paper have confetti?

Paper is made of interwoven fibers. After absorbing a certain amount of water and wiping, the links between the fibers are broken and pieces of small paper scraps will be formed. If the quality is not good, too much talcum powder will cause this situation. Good quality toilet paper has a certain degree of wet strength, and this embarrassing phenomenon will not happen during normal use.


3. Is the whiter toilet paper better?

Not really. Without adding fluorescent brighteners, the color of the paper is as natural as possible. Some papers add fluorescent whitening agent to increase the whiteness of the paper, which may cause harm to the human body.

4. Is toilet paper very hygienic?

Whether the toilet paper is hygienic is closely related to the raw materials, equipment, manufacturing process and production environment used by the manufacturer. The hygiene index of household paper is clearly stipulated in the corresponding national and industry standards.

In order to make huge profits, some unscrupulous businesses did not go through a formal production process to produce tissues, so there are many unqualified tissues on the market. Therefore, not all toilet paper can meet the hygienic standards, and these substandard paper towels can also threaten our health!

After the introduction of the above points, whether to choose household paper for you also brings some convenience. For the health of yourself and your family, it is particularly important to choose safe and comfortable toilet paper!