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How to use paper towels correctly?


At present, most of the wet wipes on the market contain toxic chemicals. When the wipes are used to wipe the skin, although the water will quickly evaporate, some chemicals will remain on the skin. If it is used for a long time, it will cause damage to human health, especially children and some people with sensitive physical conditions, and it is easy to cause skin diseases. If it is used to wipe the mouth, it will cause toxic chemicals to enter the child's gastrointestinal tract, posing safety risks.

1. People like to use wet tissues to wipe their hands and eat. The liquid content of wet tissues is generally 80%. The main ingredients are water and antiseptic. In order to dissolve the antiseptic in water for a long time, some chemical reagents are added Although the manufacturer stated that these chemical agents will not cause health effects, in fact, all chemical agents have some impact on health. Therefore, as long as conditions permit, wash hands with soap and rinse with water.

2. It is unscientific to use toilet paper instead of paper towels to wipe your mouth. According to the production requirements, the total number of bacterial colonies allowed on each gram of toilet paper is 500, and each gram of facial tissues is 200. Frequently wipe the mouth with toilet paper. The bacteria on the paper may spread through the respiratory tract, blood and digestive tract, causing people to contract enteritis and dysentery. And other diseases.

3. Can the tissues in the toilet be used to wrap food for consumption? the answer is negative. Strictly speaking, convenient paper towels are called toilet paper. When napkins are used to wrap food, they can cause cancer, and they cannot be used to wipe the mouth. From the perspective of hygiene standards, namely microbiological indicators, toilet paper and paper towels are not as strict as paper towels and kitchen paper. For example, the total number of bacterial colonies in the former is not allowed to exceed 600 per gram of paper, and the latter is not allowed to exceed 200. In addition, paper towels have been used in the toilet environment for a long time. When it is convenient, the paper towels are easy to splash urine and bacteria. They are used to wipe the mouth and pack food, which can cause diarrhea and illness.