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What is the difference between soft and hard toilet paper?


One of the household paper, pure wood pulp shaft, it is a kind of large shaft paper, and it is made of pure wood pulp to distinguish it from other toilet paper. There is also paper for maternity and infants. When producing this kind of paper, we must pay attention to quality and safety. Only by ensuring the health and safety can the health of consumers be guaranteed. Printed paper is printed on it, which can better protect the safety of consumers.


So there are different products with different hardness. Which one is better?

The quality of household paper cannot be distinguished from soft or hard alone. Soft paper has a smooth and soft profile, which brings a comfortable feeling to your skin, such as facial tissues; but hard paper has better stiffness and paper is easy to fold Forming and printing, such as napkins.

Therefore, it is more fair to choose paper with different degrees of flexibility according to your needs. However, since the product is sold by portion, individual manufacturers will add more fillers during the production process. The paper produced in this way is thick and hard, and has certain risks to the human body. Some paper is thicker to the touch, and the ranking of this type of toilet paper is lower, because the number of sheets of thick paper is less under the circumstances of the same amount. For example, D grade paper has more than 270 sheets per 500 grams, while E grade paper has only 250 sheets or less.

Therefore, in the case of the same weight, the whole package of thicker paper should be selected. When purchasing, choose soft toilet paper.