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Will pulp affect the quality of toilet paper?


The quality of toilet paper is directly related to pulp:

There are many kinds of raw materials for toilet paper production, such as waste paper, wheat straw, reeds, sugar cane, wood, etc., plants containing fiber can be used to make paper, but because the papermaking process will produce pollution, and the cost of different materials will vary. .

According to different pulps, household paper pulp can be classified as: wood pulp, straw pulp, sugarcane pulp, reed pulp, cotton pulp, and recycled waste paper pulp. The quality of paper towels produced by different pulps is different, and there are high, medium and low grades.


High-grade paper towels are made from 100% native wood pulp, which is of good quality and hygienic microbiological indicators. The physical indicators are better than other raw materials. Pure wood pulp itself has a light egg yellow color.

Mid-range paper towels are processed from straw pulp, sugarcane pulp, and cotton pulp. The quality is good and the hygiene is inferior to the former.

Low-grade paper towels are made from recycled waste paper beating. They often contain impurities, shed hair and swarf, and have no hygiene at all. The current low-end toilet paper sold in the market is pulp made from recycled waste paper, with recycled paper prints and printed white paper edges, and even household waste paper.