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How to check the quality of toilet paper?


Nowadays, there are many kinds of toilet paper in society, so how should we check the quality of toilet paper?

1. Some toilet papers are thicker to the touch, and the grade of such papers is lower because, under the same weight, the number of thick papers is less. For example, D-grade paper has more than 270 sheets per 500 grams, while E-grade paper has less than 250 sheets. Therefore, in the case of the same weight, a thicker toilet paper should be selected.


2. Since toilet paper is sold by weight, individual manufacturers will add more fillers during the production process. The paper produced in this way is thick and hard, which is harmful to the human body. Therefore, when buying, you should choose toilet paper with a softer texture.

3. The whole process of toilet paper production is completed under high temperature. If the packaging is not timely, incomplete or improperly stored, the paper will be damp and polluted. Therefore, when selecting, you must choose products that are well packaged and have a relatively recent production date.