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Is raw wood pulp paper really better than white paper towels?


Natural color wood pulp paper has become the new favorite of people. People feel that this kind of paper has not been bleached. The light yellow looks closer to nature, which means more health. But is this kind of natural wood paper really that healthy?

People's dislike of white paper towels comes from the bleaching agents and fluorescent agents added to them. Although these additives have been all over our lives, it is good to have less exposure. After the emergence of wood pulp paper, people seemed to have discovered the New World. All major supermarkets have seen the original color wood pulp paper, and various brands are also emerging. But few people go to explore whether this kind of paper is really healthy. They just replace the old with new things for psychological comfort.


The original color wood pulp paper also uses a lot of additives, the color of the raw material may not be exactly the same, and the original color wood pulp paper we see is indeed the same color, at least the color of the same product of the same brand is not from beginning to end What changes. So the question is, what makes the color of the product not differentiated? The answer is additives. Only after standardized treatment can the color of the paper remain stable.

Different companies have different technologies, and the selection and production process of paper color additives will also be very different. Wood pulp paper is slightly more expensive than the previous white paper. In the case of increased profits, this can also be achieved by adding a toning link after the original production line bleaching link.

In fact, no matter what color it is, the country has relevant control standards, and big brands will exercise restraint. Some small workshops are always unscrupulous. The color of paper within the scope of national standards does not determine its safety. Even the current bamboo pulp paper is the same, the product quality is in the hands of the producers, so if everyone really considers health, it is more important to look at the brand than the color when choosing paper products.